Passengers were diverted to other airports due to runway failure and were provided with accommodation and services at landing airports.

Etihad Airways has apologized to its customers of over 30 flights, who got stranded when their flights were diverted from Abu Dhabi International Airport on Thursday.

The flights were diverted due to technical fault in the runway landing system at the Abu Dhabi International Airport. As a customer service step, passengers who were diverted to other destinations and had connecting flights were provided with accommodation and services to look after them.

“The situation, which was beyond our control, was further compounded by the limited catering facilities at the airport. As a result, we were not able to provide the level of care and service we would normally hope to deliver,” said Etihad.

Passengers traveling to the Abu Dhabi Airport were asked to contact the Airline for further notice and check the airline website for flight status.

“We are doing everything to rectify this unfortunate situation and assisting passengers to minimize the inconvenience resulting from the disruption to their flights. Passengers are being assisted with onward connections or hotel accommodation in the case of long connections.” said Etihad.

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