In a bid to improve customer service and gauge customer experience, the UAE government has introduced a new mobile application to empower citizens.

Under the UAE government’s ‘Smart City’ initiative, aimed at providing better connections and increased cooperation between the emirate and its residents, a private firm GISTEC, in collaboration with Dubai Municipality Food Control Department, has recently developed a new GIS based smart phone application to report food violations. Being still in the testing phase, the innovative app would be available to the public soon.

Equipped with the powerful technology of GIS mapping, the smart app would enable citizens to report all food related issues in real-time from their mobile phones by identifying the exact market location on an interactive map. In addition, citizens’ will be empowered to share their customer experience when shopping for food items and send pictures and videos of expired or rotten food items directly to the Dubai Municipality authority using the mobile application.  Their complaints would also be registered automatically into the authority’s case management system.

Furthermore, the real-time reporting feature of the new mobile application would also help the government authorities to send inspection teams on marked locations instantly and to, accordingly, take immediate action. This service to customers would go a long way in ensuring that food safety violations can be monitored and any required corrective action taken.