The technology is expected to be particularly effective in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of various kinds of cancer diseases.

According to statistics published by the Health Authority Abu Dhabi last year, cancer caused 13.9% of all deaths in the Emirate.  A greater understanding about the increasing risks of Lymphoid, Hematopoietic and Breast cancer, which are a considered to be the dominant types of cancer in Abu Dhabi,  as well as education and awareness campaigns, has increased screening rates for all nationalities.

In response to the increased awareness, Abu Dhabi’s local chain of clinical laboratories, The Star Metropolis, has recently entered into a partnership with BGI Health, one of the leading genomic organizations in the world. Under this agreement, UAE’s first genome testing lab would be established in Abu Dhabi to facilitate citizens and to provide them with a genetic testing facility locally, rather than sending the samples abroad.

Star Metropolis also aims to share the genetic resources of the population with BGI that would further help to initiate forthcoming joint research projects and promote sequencing-based clinical applications. The genetic testing facility would also enhance customer experience by providing a personalized healthcare approach for citizens, reduce drug misuse and toxicity, and improve overall treatment efficiency and customer service quality.