The Emirates Identity Authority (Eida) introduced a new communication channel for its customers by providing a live chat service in Arabic and English on its website on Tuesday.

Eida, being the first among the government departments to offer a live chat service, has given customers the choice of accessing the organization both locally and abroad. The new live chat channel is among the 14 interactive channels that Eida offers its customers to contact the organization and provide the public with a direct way to communicate with officials.

The service is called “Ask Ahmed” and will be available to the public around the clock and seven days a week, so they can contact the authorities whenever they have a query or problem.

“We want to ease customers’ suffering, and instantly solve their problems through a live chat connected with the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) department.” Said Nasser Al Abdouli, Director of Service Centres Support

Al Abdouli continued saying that the new service will first be on a trial basis for five days to evaluate the customers’ feedback and input. “The free service shall then be launched round the clock, locally and abroad.”

“The Emirates Identity Authority is very keen on developing and adopting a variety of communication channels based on the latest digital technologies to save time, effort and money, and more importantly win customers’ satisfaction in line with its 2014-2016 strategic plan.”

This is another step towards a more efficient and effective communication channel between the government and public, so that all their issues can be dealt with in a more interactive and efficient manner.