A new app has been launched by the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) on Facebook for people having special needs.

The app aims to provide service to people with visual difficulties and hearing disabilities. The app will rely on sign languages and braille.

EIDA app will facilitate customers with special needs on making enquiries, lodging complaints through recorded voice or written messages, or communicating through videotaped sign language.

The Emirates Identity Authority keeping in mind the needs of people with disabilities and considering them to be an integral part of society has tried to address their particular needs via this application.

Speaking on the occasion, Director Government Communications and Community, Nadia Al Kamali said that EIDA is committed towards ensuring satisfaction of all its customers. The authority provides services to Emiratis as well as the expatriate community living in United Arab Emirates.

The main aim behind introduction of this app is to ensure that all customers are able to seamlessly access the services provided by the authority and benefit from them.

Nadia Al Kamali further stated that the authority is working towards ensuring all of its 14 channels of communication established add to the user experience and value addition of customers. This would help customers obtain all information available online without any external assistance from someone else.

The authority is working towards improving the quality of customer service levels across all its channels of communication. In recent efforts the Emirates ID Authority was able to reduce enquiry calls by 53% and increase customer satisfaction rates.