Customers can now make Skype calls to get their questions answered by Eida.

UAE residents will now have the option to contact the Emirates Identity Authority (Eida) face-to-face in a Skype conversation. Customers can simply log into Skype and ask any question or get queries answered related to their Emirates ID by simply adding the Skype user name EmiratesID_skype and starting an audio conversation with a customer service representative.

This is a great initiative by the customer service team at Eida. It will help customers resolve their issues by reducing the time it takes to get in touch with representatives and switch between channels. Customers can now simply log into their Skype accounts on their desktops, tablets or phones, no matter where they are, and get in touch with the Eida team.

This service is available in audio, in both Arabic and English (video service is not currently available), eliminating any doubt in the customers’ minds of whether their Skype text message has gotten through or not.

Amer al Mehri, Director of Government Communication at Eida, highlighted that the authority has launched this new service via Skype so that their Skype trained team could communicate with customers and respond to their queries, complaints and problems.

Diyaa Abdulal, Head of Government Communications, announced that Emirates Identity Authority (Eida) now has 14 channels of communication with Skype’s introduction and will soon have 15, with the chat optioncoming in as soon as next week.

“Our social media channels are very attractive to people, as well as the section on our website where customers can contact the General Director, to discuss their complaints or comments with the ‘big boss’,” said Diyaa. He also added, “Customers can contact us through any channel and expect a reply within 24 hours – or a maximum 48 hours.”