As the New Year approaches, the excitement among UAE residents are at its peak as thousands of travelers are planning to rush towards Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah to take part in the New Year’s Eve celebrations and enjoy the vista of the splendid fireworks. To accommodate this surge of activity, the Dubai Road Transport Authority is gearing up to facilitate citizens and avoid traffic congestion on the roads during the peak hours right before the New Year sets in.

According to Adel Shakeri, the Director of the RTA:

“Ninety five per cent of the RTA’s fleet, including 8,500 taxis, will be operating on New Year’s Eve. We will be operating 60 buses in the Downtown area and 40 buses at the Palm.”

In addition, citizens have been advised to leave their cars at home and use buses and trains to avoid traffic jams. As per RTA Dubai Metro Train schedule, the Red Line will run from 05:30am to midnight, and the Green Line will run from 05:50am to midnight, on 31 December 2013. Both lines will continue to run for the next 24 hours on 1 January 2014.

Besides the buses and the Metro trains, private taxis and concierge services would also operate towards event locations, charging premium rates of Dh220 for a one-way trip. The first-rate customer service arrangements of RTA Dubai would definitely go a long way to facilitate travelers in advance and assist them in avoiding the chaotic New Year’s Eve traffic jams.