Customers used social media websites to show displeasure and frustration towards the poor customer experience provided by Etisalat

Customers of Etisalat started facing disturbance and lack of connectivity on their landline, Wi-Fi or 4G connections and were, therefore, not able to open websites on either their computers or phones.  A few websites were accessible, such as the social media, and this led to furious customers posting about their inconvenience there.

ProWebDevco tweeted: “Hey Etisalat, from nearly 20 minutes ago I can only access Facebook, Gmail and Twitter, no other webpage, what’s going on?

Etisalat responded, tweeting: “We apologise for the inconvenience caused.”

Another displeased customer posted his frustration on Twitter

@ARahmanMahgoub tweeted: “Can you read me? Internet is down, and your 101 line is down as well? Shouldn’t we get an update on this?”

This was echoed by @omkarudas who said: “Want to tell us what the internet issue is and how long will it take to fix.”

Customers like to be made aware of any inconvenience that is coming their way so they can plan accordingly or be prepared. It is evident that Etisalat customers have become  so dependent on internet connectivity and their lives now revolve around it to such an extent that they ended up becoming frustrated within 20 minutes of disruption of service.

Etisalat finally responded saying, “Our customers faced some difficulty in the use of Internet in some areas for a period of approximately 20 minutes as a result of a technical problem that has been solved and services have been resumed since. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.”