Many representatives from global hospitals, particularly the centres of excellence in paediatrics, have been called upon by the Abu Dhabi health services company (SEHA) for a meeting. The aim would be to acquaint them with SEHA’s requirements for the strategic clinical affiliation with acknowledged paediatric service providers and thus enhance the delivery of paediatric services within the SEHA health system.

SEHA’s initiative is all about improving customer service, patient satisfaction and productivity at healthcare facilities in accordance with international standards by giving special attention to patients. Moreover, the pre-bid meeting would lead to a mutual understanding among the partnership about the deliverables required for paediatrics in the UAE to perform at their best.

A rise in the number of paediatric patients has increased the significance of paediatric studies at SEHA health facilities. Paediatrics is certainly surmised to be extremely important as currently 16% of the indigenous population is under 14 years of age (4% between the ages of 14 and 19) and the UAE’s birth rate is also very high. The affiliation would enable SEHA to benefit from the paeditric expertise of globally renowned hospitals, and in addition, a research and education centre would be established to provide world-class training to medical staff. Moreover, being one of the 17 planned service lines for SEHA, paediatrics would also be providing healthcare services for rare paediatric specialties such as Cardiac Surgery, Infectious Diseases, Haematology, Oncology and other complex medical conditions.

The United States’ four principal international children’s hospitals – namely Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in collaboration with Cleveland Clinic, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centre, Children’s National Medical Centre and Johns Hopkins Hospital – have already taken part in the workshop. SEHA’s senior management team informed the visiting delegations about the expectations of the affiliation. Nevertheless, SEHA is all set for the partnership by March 2014, as the deadline for tenders is 12 pm (UAE local time) 3 February 2014.