DEWA has warned its customers about the fake email through twitter and text alerts.

Customers of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) have been facing phishing attacks since the company moved its bills from paper to electronic medium.  The customers have requested the authorities to look into this potential fraud and protect their information from hackers.

As a customer service measure, DEWA sent out text messages and tweets to its customers saying, “Dear Customer, Please do not open or reply to any email sent from”.

Telecom operators in the UAE have blocked and restricted the use of the fraud website, which was generating the emails.

Customers complained the emails would channel them to a website, which would enquire about personal information, such as password and credit card details etc.

“At this stage, there have been no definite reports of DEWA customers falling victims to this hoax. However, if customers receive a suspicious email, we advise them to take necessary caution and not access the link or enter their personal information,” the authority added.