Instead of using their own device, customers traveling to the UAE can simply rent an iPad to avoid extra roaming charges.

Tablet office and Electronic Equipment Rental LLC, a German-based company is now delivering their customers the service of 4G LTE (long term evolution) data package. The company charges a total of Dh 75 per day for the iPad Mini and Dh90 for iPad Air.

“Consumers can rent an iPad when booking a flight or hotel to Dubai. We will know exactly when the passenger arrives and our staff will be there to deliver the tablet at the airport or the hotel,” said Alexander Klaus, managing partner of Tablet Office & Electronic Equipment Rental LLC, according to Gulf news.

This is an effective customer friendly move by the company and a way of providing customer service to tourists travelling into the UAE. Customers save themselves from the hassle of paying high amounts for roaming charges and filling in endless forms to get the data package activated.

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