Department of Economic Development (DED) held Customer Service Week from 18th to 20th of March that included a DSES Bazaar of 22 retail outlets, workshops and seminars.

DEDs Corporate Quality & Management Excellence Division awarded the best customer service employees across all DED offices in Dubai in the Dubai Service Excellence Scheme (DSES).

The DSES Customer Week kicked off with a workshop on service excellence, where many renowned speakers and DSES member organisations spoke while drawing attention to the best practices, thus giving a chance to participants to learn more about customer satisfaction and loyalty. Many experts in customer service and quality management spoke on the last day of the programs at the second annual seminar on ‘Culture of Service Excellence.’

Mohammed Bushanain, Executive Director of Corporate Quality & Management Excellence Division in DED, spoke well of the DSES members and mystery shoppers. He emphasised their role in improving customer experience in retail sector of Dubai. “DSES remains a strong influence on shopping and tourism in Dubai as member retailers submit their service standards for comprehensive evaluation and compete to offer the best customer experience. The Mystery Shopper programme plays the most critical role in this process as the mystery shopper’s reports provide the most realistic picture on customer perceptions on member retailers,” said Bushanain.

Shaikha Ahmad Al Bishri, Director, Business Excellence Department at DED, explained how the DSES Customer Service Week served as a platform for brands to learn from the best in terms of customer satisfaction. “The knowledge shared across the workshops and seminars throughout the three-day programmes and the ‘DSES Bazaar’ of retailers who continue to reinforce their brands through exemplary practices will help participants learn and clear hurdles on the road to excellence in future,” said Shaikha.

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