Customers can now enjoy a simulated experience of the new A380 at the Mirdif center, flying from any airport they wish to.

Mirdirf city center has joined the line of offering a completely equipped flight simulator for the use of customers. iPilot after opening in Dubai Mall, and garnering a lot of customer attention, is now launching in  Mirdirf City center on June 20th.

iPilot is all set to provide customers with quality customer service and a real time life experience of a simulated flight.

The Airbus A380 simulator will bring for the people a thrilling experience of flying the largest passenger jet in the world. A trained pilot explains everything to the customer and also joins them in the cockpit and guides them on taking off etc.

Customers get to pick which airport they would like to fly in the simulator, with a range of 24,000 worldwide airports to choose from, without having to exit the Mirdif mall.