Customers can now go on the AIG website or call the company to select an Auto Insurance that suits them best.

AIG in the UAE, which is running under the American Home Assurance Company (“AHAC”), has publicized that it is introducing a service to customers, which will help them buy auto insurance directly, with market friendly prices and a smooth customer experience.

Daniel Smith, Head of Direct to Consumer Marketing in the UAE, said: “Historically, auto insurance customers in the UAE have relied on traditional channels to help them navigate the market. As the market has developed, and customers have become more sophisticated, we felt that this was the ideal time to launch a product that can be bought directly from AIG.”

Customers are given rates of as low as 2% to choose from, and can conveniently either call the company or buy the insurance from the website, depending on which channel suits them better. The promotion is for a short period, and will be further developed after evaluation of customer response.