Department of Economic Development (DED) Dubai has initiated a 120 Business License which will begin from May 15th. In the Smart Initiative Conference of DED, it was announced that businessmen, looking to setup businesses in Dubai, will be able to commence their commercial operations immediately while completing the rest of the formalities in 120 days.

However, this license will only be issued to businesses that have inherently low or no risk involved and are not related to human beings, animals, plants or environment. CEO of Business Registration and Licensing sector (BRL), Mohammed Shael Al Saadi reiterated Dubai’s commitment to promote new businesses while improving customer service experience, saying, “We are committed to integrating state-of-the-art technology to improve customer experience and competitiveness levels as envisioned by our leadership. Dubai Smart Government has provided us with a framework to develop best-in-class service standards.”

Besides launching the initiative, DED understands that new business owners need to be communicated about the initiative. Therefore, they will also make available a guidebook on DED’s official website and on a smart application. A print format will also be published, available at affordable price to interested entrepreneurs and other public users.

Also, as part of the smart initiative it was announced, that the launch of electronic Memorandum of Association will make it possible for one partner to register online and enter details of all other partners. The automated system will get in contact with all partners to verify their details and ask them to log in from their own accounts to approve the Memorandum.

These steps are being launched to enhance customer convenience and improve service delivery.