As the tourist industry continues to grow, the trend of taking a vacation at a resort is on the rise. Online reviews now give tourists the chance to check on the quality of services being provided at a particular resort, and hence make more informed decisions accordingly. Failing to deliver a relaxing customer experience can not only drive away your current customers, it will also drive away your potential clients because of bad reviews over the internet.

Strategies that can be employed at a resort in order to enhance the customer experience are countless; from extra towels, to complimentary room upgrades, resort managers are constantly involved in ways to impress their customers. The question which needs to be asked is: why do people come to resorts? The answer is simple: To relax.

I suggest you employ the following tried and tested strategies, and ensure that your customers keep on choosing you as their dream vacation resort.

Ensure Quality Sleep

Want to ensure that people relax fully? Make sure that you do everything in your power so that customers are able to get quality sleep; good beds, clean, soft, yet crisp bed sheets, proper heating and cooling, etc. are some key factors when it comes to sleep quality.

A Room With A View

I understand that in order to get a room with a great view, the customer needs to be willing to spend some extra bucks, but what if a customer does not have the finances to do that? Not everyone can afford a room with a view of the exotic beach, however, maintaining gardens outside the window can be pleasing to the eyes and add to customer experience. Think of ways to enhance visual scenery for your customers.

Cater To A Diverse Palate

People from multicultural backgrounds with different food preferences will be vacationing at your resort. Although people who travel do not mind trying out new and exotic cuisines, there is a chance that a number of your customers will not be fond of the Thai or Indian food that you are serving. Offering a wide variety of cuisines is a must do for any resort so that you are catering to a wide range of customers and their needs.

Convenient Commuting

After going through several customer reviews online, I came across a very surprising detail: Customers complaining about having to walk a great deal to reach their rooms. Resorts are usually spread over a very vast area, which means that there is a high probability that the room might be a 10 minute walk away from the reception. Imagine walking for 10 minutes with all the baggage, and in some cases, children. Although majority of the resorts have carts for transportation, make sure yours is not an exception. Another idea is to offer free shuttle service twice a day to and from the resort to the shopping areas in the city,

this adds value to the experience instead of the customer having to go through the hassle of looking and paying for expensive taxi rides.

Customer Experience At Resorts

Guided Tours

The infinite pools, gardens, and the beach might not be enough to keep a customer’s interest alive who is staying at your resort for a long holiday. People on long holidays usually like to move around and explore the area. Providing guided tours of the nearby towns is a great way to assist them and will ensure they are not bored during their stay.

Arrange easy walks and small hikes for your customers, so they can get a delightful view of say the waterfalls or the lush green parks in the area. This will help them rejuvenate and get an exciting outdoor experience as well.  An Island hoping tour or even bird watching is exciting to tourists who have traveled far for a therapeutic holiday.

The guide should also show customers unique spots and opportunities for good photographs so the customers can take some good memories back home, and appreciate the detailed service.

Creating the Perfect Environment

Having a pleasant, accommodating and friendly staff with immaculate customer service skills is pivotal for the success of any resort and will accentuate the customer experience. Welcome drinks, complimentary fruit and flower baskets on arrival, a discount coupon for the spa services or golf course are small steps which go a long way in enhancing experience.

Use your imagination and closely analyze all the customer reviews and evaluate what you can offer to customers in order to make it a memorable vacation.