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Customer Experience Predictions

Top Three Customer Experience Predictions for 2019

(1 month ago)

Will 2019 finally be the year that we exclusively converse with robots rather than humans at the customer care counter? While this may not be the case across all industries, technology’s impact on c ...Read Full Story

Customer Service Training

The Power of Play: Customer Service Training with a Twist

(2 months ago)

When employees hear the word ‘training’, they usually associate it with it being a formal theory-based session. Similar to a classroom environment, there is a trainer guiding participants in the b ...Read Full Story

customer service Speed

Why Speed is the Need in Customer Service

(2 months ago)

The modern consumer is firmly in the driving seat, especially when it comes to purchasing products and services. They know what they want, and how much they are willing to spend on a particular servic ...Read Full Story

Company Culture

What is the Link between Company Culture and Customer Service Quality?

(3 months ago)

The ‘Startup Era’ is responsible for introducing many colorful phrases and compound words into the global lexicon. This fresh terminology includes elevator pitch, ...Read Full Story

Secret to Customer Success

Unlocking the Secret to Customer Success

(6 months ago)

Beyond the glossy brochures and timely social media posts, there remains the challenge of creating a true connection with one’s customers. All businesses seek loyal customers. For that to happen, co ...Read Full Story

Customer Retention Strategy

Designing a Customer Retention Strategy for the Call Center

(7 months ago)

“Should I stay or Should I go?” It is as if that is what your customers are actually saying when they mention the phrase “cancellation of service”. It is a dreaded combination of words that ar ...Read Full Story

Job Well-Done in the Workplace

Defining ‘a Job Well-Done’ in the Workplace

(7 months ago)

What is meant by the phrase ‘a job well-done’? For most managers, a job well-done is when an employee successfully delivers on an assigned task. However, there are instances when the employee’s ...Read Full Story

Customer Service Training Challenges

3 Ways to Conquer Customer Service Training Challenges

(7 months ago)

It is an undeniable fact that the quality of customer service can potentially make or break a company. With stiff competition in the market, excellent customer service requires more than consistency. ...Read Full Story


Beauty Escape: Providing Exceptional Customer Service In Salons And Spas

(8 months ago)

There is, perhaps, no ritual more sacred than one’s monthly appointment at a favorite salon or spa. Be it a friend’s wedding or an alumni picnic, all you need to recharge yourself is a relaxing ...Read Full Story

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