Best Practices

Millennials Customer Service

5 Tips on Offering Effective Customer Service to Millennials

(1 week ago)

Millennials today have stronger purchasing power than before and businesses are looking to devise strategies to attract and engage this tech-savvy generation. With the internet being at the core of th ...Read Full Story

Quality Customer Service

6 Ways Online Businesses Can Measure Customer Service Quality

(1 month ago)

Many businesses claim to provide exceptional customer service. How is their claim verified? The answer can be deduced from various ways that are deployed to gauge the quality of client support being o ...Read Full Story

Efficient Customer Support

5 Tips for Offering Efficient Customer Support Online

(2 months ago)

The increase in varying platforms used to engage and interact with customers has led companies to expand their customer service offerings. The evolution of technology’s role in providing service has ...Read Full Story

Customer Happiness

4 Ways to Enhance Customer Happiness

(2 months ago)

For businesses, making sure customers are happy is an important step towards gaining customer loyalty. Happy customers not only buy your products but also suggest them to their social circle and event ...Read Full Story

Memorable Customer Experience at Restaurants

6 Strategies for Creating a Memorable Customer Experience at Restaurants

(2 months ago)

Starting a restaurant business and making customers love the food and service you offer isn’t an easy job. Customer preferences are ever changing and their demands keep increasing with time as well. ...Read Full Story

Customer Confidence

4 Strategies for Companies Looking to Build Customer Confidence

(2 months ago)

Increase in market competition has led to customers quickly moving from one brand to another, in search of better service and product quality. Customers have higher expectations and companies need to ...Read Full Story

Communication Skills

4 Tips for Enhancing Frontline Communication Skills

(3 months ago)

Companies spend a substantial amount of their budget designing customer experience journeys and focusing on making memorable interactions for customers. However, the touchpoint that needs the most foc ...Read Full Story


5 Tips for Creating Better Experience at Events

(3 months ago)

In order to make any event a success, a memorable experience needs to be offered to those who are attending. Meticulous planning needs to go into targeting the right customers and then ensuring that t ...Read Full Story

Customer Satisfaction Survey

4 Important Factors When Designing Customer Satisfaction Surveys

(3 months ago)

Effectively designed customer satisfaction surveys give insight on how customers are viewing a brand and its service offerings. Businesses utilize data from customer surveys to improve their service q ...Read Full Story