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Customer Service

5 Signs Your Customer Service Needs a Revamp

(3 days ago)

Customer service is a decisive factor when it comes to client retention and loyalty. Bad service not only leads to a client leaving but also generates negative word of ...Read Full Story

Habits customer service

5 Habits of Highly Effective Customer Service Representatives

(1 week ago)

No matter how good your product is or how talented your employees are, a major element that customers remember is the experience they have when interacting with a repre ...Read Full Story

Super Support Agent

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Super Support Agent?

(2 weeks ago)

In every customer support team, there are some agents who stand out in every aspect as they understand how to meet and exceed customer expectations, needs and demands. These individuals may be termed ...Read Full Story

Customers Coming Back

3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

(1 month ago)

Customer retention is one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses when so many choices are readily available to consumers. They may engage with you once, buy from you but then abandon your busin ...Read Full Story

Customer Service Discussion

How to Offer Great Customer Service on a Budget

(1 month ago)

Research suggests that for customers of today, effective client care and positive consumer experiences are a decisive factor in staying loyal to a business. If you are a startup or a small business, h ...Read Full Story

How to Handle a Customer

Handling a Customer Service Nightmare

(2 months ago)

Customer service excellence is the ultimate goal customer service representatives of any organiz ...Read Full Story

Millennials Customer Service

5 Tips on Offering Effective Customer Service to Millennials

(2 months ago)

Millennials today have stronger purchasing power than before and businesses are looking to devise strategies to attract and engage this tech-savvy generation. With the internet being at the core of th ...Read Full Story

Quality Customer Service

6 Ways Online Businesses Can Measure Customer Service Quality

(3 months ago)

Many businesses claim to provide exceptional customer service. How is their claim verified? The answer can be deduced from various ways that are deployed to gauge the quality of client support being o ...Read Full Story

Efficient Customer Support

5 Tips for Offering Efficient Customer Support Online

(4 months ago)

The increase in varying platforms used to engage and interact with customers has led companies to expand their customer service offerings. The evolution of technology’s role in providing service has ...Read Full Story