Best Practices

Human Skills

5 Human Skills Every Savvy Professional Must Have

(3 days ago)

Miscommunication and misfires during customer interactions can threaten a company’s reputation as well as an individual’s career. Whether or not one is in a primarily customer-facing role, the exp ...Read Full Story


Is Your Customer Service Millennial Ready?

(2 weeks ago)

Millennials are the first truly digital generation and they are changing the rules for customer service. Many of them are entering their prime spending years and as compared to the baby boomers, they ...Read Full Story


5 Techniques to Coach Your Team to Customer Service Excellence

(4 weeks ago)

Whether it is a duo handling all the calls and complaints or a dedicated team of agents trained to cater to the customer’s every qualm and concern - there is always room for improvement in customer ...Read Full Story

Digital Environment

Customer Communication: Setting the Right Tone in a Digital Environment

(2 months ago)

Effectively communicating with customers is essential for success in business. ‘It’s not what you said, but how you said it’ makes perfect sense when we are considering customer service. With ra ...Read Full Story


How to Engineer Empathy In Your Company’s Architecture

(3 months ago)

Empathy is the ability to understand the emotions of another person and is vital for those working in customer service. For businesses today, hiring individuals who not only specialize in a certain sk ...Read Full Story

Customer Care

5 Ways to Show Customers You Care

(3 months ago)

The change in buyer-to-seller dynamics has transformed the way customer happiness is perceived by both customers and businesses. Customer satisfaction is the new treasu ...Read Full Story

Customer Service game

Applying Game Based Learning in Customer Service

(4 months ago)

Learning new skills is essential not only for personal development and career progression but also to ensure business growth. For those working in customer service, cer ...Read Full Story

Experience for Customers

4 Ways Hotels Can Create an Unforgettable Experience

(4 months ago)

People travel every day out of necessity or desire to be somewhere, but where to stop is entirely a choice that depends on personal predilection. The question here is: ...Read Full Story

Myths Concept Metal Letterpress Type

4 Common Customer Experience Myths

(5 months ago)

The landscape of customer experience (CX) is undergoing rapid transformation with the convergence of technology, social media marketing and changing consumer behavior. The old model of just simply buy ...Read Full Story

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