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4 Common Customer Experience Myths

(3 weeks ago)

The landscape of customer experience (CX) is undergoing rapid transformation with the convergence of technology, social media marketing and changing consumer behavior. The old model of just simply buy ...Read Full Story

Customer Service Skill

5 Ideas for Retail Stores to Create an Impactful Experience

(1 month ago)

Ever wonder why that lady who spent a considerable amount of money at your store a month ago never came back around? Or why that man keeps going to your competitor acro ...Read Full Story

Frontline Employees Skills

4 Key Skills for All Frontline Employees

(2 months ago)

A frontline employee or someone who deals directly with customers is one of the most important representative of the business. The manner in which frontline employees e ...Read Full Story

Angry customers

4 Tips On Handling Angry Customers

(2 months ago)

No matter what business you are in, you will always have some customers who are angry, irritated and annoyed with you. Customers can be angry because of various reasons ...Read Full Story

Customers Brand Advocates

4 Ways to Turn Customers into Brand Advocates

(3 months ago)

Are your customers truly passionate about your brand? Do they demonstrate zeal and loyalty for your products? For any business to gain loyalty, maintaining strong relat ...Read Full Story

customer complaint

4 Tips to Deal with Customer Complaints

(3 months ago)

Businesses should consider customer complaints as an important asset that can be used to improve their products and service. Whenever a complaint comes in, the best way ...Read Full Story

Customer Service satisfaction

4 Indicators of Bad Customer Service

(4 months ago)

Is your business having trouble retaining customers? Are they moving away towards your competitors?  With so many available options, it has become harder to keep clien ...Read Full Story

Customer Service Interactions

3 Ways to Improve Customer Service Interactions

(4 months ago)

Your customers will always remember the service you provide. Along with the quality of your products, the way you communicate and handle them are decisive factors that ...Read Full Story

Happy Customers

6 Tips for Creating Happiness for Customers

(5 months ago)

Amidst growing competition, keeping your customers happy so that they keep coming back to you is vital. Successful businesses invest their time, money and effort in bui ...Read Full Story