Every company needs to understand the importance of a customer for growth and success of their business. Customers invest their time, money and interest in products and services they purchase, and hence must be appreciated for that. They must be shown their value through service and appreciation by the company which will ensure customer retention.

Here are some tips that can give strategic insight on how to appreciate customers and win their hearts for long lasting relationships.

Build Relationships:

Many companies pay more attention to gaining new customers rather than retaining customers. That is a huge mistake! Don’t make it. The goal should be retention, and that is where customer relations come in. While your competition is busy wooing new customers, you should take time out to build on relationships with existing ones too. This will not only prevent from losing current customers but extra service and appreciation can bring you more business from existing clients. Personalize your service, refer to them by their name, remember their birthdays, the color they love and their favorite product too. These little steps can go a long way.

Sprint the Extra Mile:

In order to appreciate the customer, your customer service team must master the skills of showing it. Customers should know that no matter what, you will always be there to help them out. From staying on the phone line for hours till they setup their play station to making sure their camera is delivered before the holiday season or finding the shoes that are out of stock and getting them delivered to the customer’s doorstep, for free! These are gestures that will make the customer feel valued, and they will know, that you won’t just walk the extra mile but rather run it for them.

Stay Connected:

Busy and cluttered lifestyles usually pull people into the rut of things, where they have time for nothing and no one. An email from a company they once bought shoes from, or an update about a new store will not attract attention. On the other side though, a hand written note, with a coupon or voucher, will definitely grab focus. Tell your customers you care, by providing them with personalized attention, their name on the letter, handwritten, thanking them along with a coupon or gift voucher will get them to revisit your store or website.

Stay Connected, Thank You

Don’t Forget To Follow Up:

Does selling a product mean you appreciate the customer? NO! Calling them up after you have sold it to find out how they liked it, whether they had any problems or queries, certainly does! It is very important to follow up so the customer knows that it is not just about selling a product to them.

If a customer wants to return a product, it should be a smooth process where the customer’s honest opinion is received and they are given the warmth to choose another product they like or not buy anything if they wish. The customer should always feel welcomed. The customer service team should follow up on why they didn’t like the product or service and promise to ensure better service and features in the future. Giving a discount on the product they wish to buy in the future would be a good strategy to keep the customer connected and always in love with you.