Zain, a leading Telecommunication Company in Kuwait, has announced a sponsorship deal for ‘Wasalny’, a mobile application designed to provide traffic updates. The application aims to improve road experience for commuters.

The new app is an innovative initiative that will add to the information and communication technologies sector by facilitating smartphone users, in addition to enhancing customer experience for commuters. The community based nature of the app will enable commuters to help each other and inform about the road condition, which will help other people make better decision in terms of route selection.

The app will also be GPS enabled, which will help it report the car’s speed automatically to avoid any distractions. Users will be able to access real-time traffic conditions on 3D maps powered by Google. Moreover the app allows social media platform integration, which means users can also share traffic updates via popular social media websites. The app will also feature Zain branch locating capability, with opening times and guided direction map.

In less than a year, the application has raked up to 100,000 downloads. 49,000 photos and 2.7 million traffic reports have been generated by the users so far with 3.7 million KMs of traffic information available on the app. Notably, 63% of drivers use Wasalny for more than 3 minutes per session with an average of 3.5 times per week. The app is available on Google Play Store for Android and itunes store for iOS users.

Previously, Zain partnered with Arab Mobile App Challenge (AMAC), which is the largest mobile application development competition in the region. Moreover, Zain has been involved in a series of initiatives over the years to support innovative skills in the ICT industry. One of the more popular initiative, ‘Zain Hackathon’ challenge invited programmers to design a fully functional mobile app that used Direct Operator Billing APIs. Zain also supported Microsoft’s Imagine Cup which encouraged participants to use their creative and technical abilities to create mobile applications.