RTA and the renowned Global Consultancy Firm EY have collaborated and conducted a study to gain insights into the modern trends of customer service industry. RTA aims to use the result of this study to align its practices with recent modern trends.

Ahmed Mahboob, Director of RTA’s Customers Service, said that the study will help RTA set standards for itself, which will be in sync with international trends of customer services. Improving the quality of customer service is in line with the vision of the government of UAE. He explained that the primary focus of the study lies in human dimension when delivering the service. He said that RTA has several projects in the pipeline including customers’ expectation management, key information management, upgrading customer management software, and broadening the scope of smart apps, which will benefit from insights produced by this study.

In order to improve the experience provided to customers, RTA has introduced several services, procedures and initiatives in the past including smartphones apps, e-services, direct verbal & visual communication with customers, online customers council and personal contact through the social media channels.

An example of a recent initiative taken by RTA to improve customer service and add to customer convenience of the modern consumers who increasingly rely on technology was the launch of different services through smart kiosks. This has enabled customers to renew licenses and parking cards through smart kiosks which have been placed in different locations. The aim of this was to make it convenient and easy for customers to conduct transactions.

Ahmed Mahboob also highlighted the work RTA has been doing across the Dubai Emirate in replacing the obsolete systems and techniques in order to improve the quality of service provided to people. He also mentioned that RTA believes in ensuring customer satisfaction for all segments and groups.