In a bid to provide the ultimate customer service and hospitality experience for tourists visiting Dubai, Dubai’s Airport Authority, Dubai Police and Dubai’s Taxi Corporation have come together, launching a 2 week long campaign, ‘Welcome to Dubai, greeting visitors entering the Emirates with a big warm welcome.

‘Welcome to Dubai’ was launched December 29th at Dubai’s International Airport consisting of a team of trained hospitality and customer service staff to greet and assist visitors  on arrival with queries, lost luggage, city tours and taxi service information.

The initiative also aims to warn tourists about illegal taxi services operating in Dubai through brochures containing information on the legitimate types of taxi services available along with listings of airport taxi fares.  The aim is to prevent tourists from being overcharged and protect them from possible fraud and criminal activity.

The brochures, 50,000 printed out so far in both English and Arabic, additionally contain advice on issues such as ‘lost luggage at the airport,’ along with contact information for emergency services in the city

The Dubai Taxi Corporation has additionally trained 10 taxi drivers to be unofficial tour guides as part of the initiative with focus on talking about and directing visitors to Dubai’s major sightseeing attractions and mainstream events.

Illegal taxi services, lost luggage and a harrowed customer service experience on arrival at busy airports are common problems faced by airports globally.  ‘Welcome to Dubai,’ with its proactive approach to addressing these issues in addition to its ‘warm welcome initiative,’ lays the base for a customer satisfaction experience that other countries with similar issues can surely benefit from.