Sensors in taxis will automatically turn the meter on when a passenger sits in the taxi.

The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has fitted more than 2000 taxis with sensors that systematically run the taxi meters. The aim of the DTC is to make all the 3,914 taxis operate with these sensors.

The sensors automatically start running the meter when a passenger sits in the taxi, so incase the driver is unable to turn on the taxi meter for any reason, by choice or accidently, the sensors will turn on the meter directly.

The project is aiming to be finished by the end of this year and the authorities forecast the customer satisfaction levels to go up by 82 percent.

The sensors and its impact will be analyzed by DTC on the grounds of customer satisfaction, reduction in complaint, feedback from drivers and revenue increase.

RTA call centers will also take complaints, feedback and enquires from all customers on 800-9090.

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