The first of its kind Smart Taxi Training Centre has been inaugurated in Dubai by Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Mr. Mattar Al Tayer. RTA’s Drivers Affair Department will supervise the entire effort. The centre aims to provide training to taxi drivers of both on-demand and franchise companies. The main objective behind opening of this centre is to provide increased traffic safety of taxi services delivered to passengers.

The training institute has been technologically equipped with simulators, advanced audio visual technologies and smart screens, helping the trainers gauge drivers’ overall performance. The drivers will get themselves oriented with a smart map base, helping them easily locate residential communities and tourist attractions across the emirate. Besides security, the drivers will get acquainted with training for providing first aid, operating firefighting equipment, and overall safety. The drivers will need to pass psychological and medical assessment to be given the license to drive.

The institute is offering three courses to train taxi drivers. The first course covers basic driving skills and is mandatory for all taxi drivers, having a duration of 22 days. The second course with a duration of 10 days is oriented towards on-demand taxi drivers. The last yet important course will last for 3 days and practicing taxi drivers will need to undergo that every two years.

Speaking on the occasion, CEO of RTA Public Transport Agency, Mr. Yousuf Al Ali, stressed on the importance of training taxi drivers, saying, “The centre focuses on training drivers with a view to nurturing their driving skills and accordingly achieve the objective of accidents-free mobility.”

The launch of the taxi drivers’ training centre reaffirms RTA’s efforts and focus towards safety of passengers while improving the level of service and customer satisfaction.

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