The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority has unveiled a new plan to improve passenger services. The authority will start 35 new projects to accomplish this goal. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of RTA revealed the plans of designing and undertaking new transport projects which were critical for Expo 2020.

Some of the important milestones involved in these projects include extension of Red Line for Metro, addition of 39 new trains up to the year 2020, and upgrading roads as well as junctions for surroundings and roads going towards the Expo site.

One of the primary aims of introducing these new projects has been ensuring continual development of the overall transport infrastructure along with efficient management of the entire system. The authority is also aiming to increase the number of electronic and smartphone services offered to customers. Expansion of the bus network to 16 new districts and improving the infrastructure in 19 districts by the year 2020 is also being planned.

In November, the initial phase of Dubai Tram project will commence, extending to 10 kilometers and expanding to 11 stations. The tram will have a carrying capacity of 27,000 passengers a day. And the growth anticipated in the usage will increase its carrying capacity to 66,000 passengers per day by 2020.

RTA also initiated the Smart Dubai City Program which has three subsidiary programs named corporate intelligence, smart transportation, and smart traffic and roads programs. In this plan 22 new initiatives will be launched with 200 smart services introduced for smartphones by the end of 2015. All these measures will work towards enhancing the customer experience of those using RTA services.

Mr. Mattar Al Tayer said “The public transportation is the backbone of any city as the population cannot move around smoothly without a convenient and safe transportation system.”