Multi-channel centre promises to positively impact ‘Happiness Index’ by offering diverse engagement tools.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in an announcement revealed the completion of its contact center upgrading in collaboration with Avaya. The new centre is in line with RTA’s vision of delivering excellence in customer experience. The service center upgrade is in accordance with the complete transition towards smart services. The contact center is now fully integrated for mobile and web-based applications, which enables customers to choose their preferred mode of communication including voice, SMS, instant messenger and more. The integrated voice response (IVR) has also been revamped to include a wider range of services. Customers can now have their queries answered right away or make a recorded request.

The new contact center will improve the operational efficiency and provides better CRM integration, in addition to adding supervisory capabilities which will give a full view of customer satisfaction process. RTA aims to ensure customer satisfaction with all these new initiatives. The organization wants to reinforce Dubai’s leading position in the United Nations’ global ‘Happiness Index’.

Ahmed Mahboub, Customer Service Director for RTA, said that the organization is working towards aligning itself with the vision of Dubai. He gave credit to Avaya as a transformational partner for turning the plan into reality. He said that RTA constantly worked in collaboration with their consultancy teams to improve the customer service experience and increase satisfaction level of customers. He expressed optimism about integration with the ‘Happiness Index’.