The Road and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has announced a 50 percent discount on issuance of NOL cards. The aim behind the move is to enhance commuter satisfaction and attract more customers. NOL cards enable travellers to pay for different types of public transport such as bus, tram, metro and marine taxi in Dubai. According to RTA, the discount period will begin from July 26 and run till September 24, 2015.

Talking about the latest discount offer, the Director of Automated Fare Collection at RTA, Khalid Al Awadi said that the discount applies on all NOL Blue, Gold and Standard Cards. It means public transport passengers can now get all NOL Blue Cards in AED35 instead of AED70, NOL Gold Cards in AED45 instead of AED80 and Standard NOL Cards with special designs at AED65 rather than AED100, said Al Awadi.

Al Awadi also shared some interesting figures on this occasion. He said that the personalized NOL Cards have witnessed a 160 percent rise in sales as compared to the same time period during last year. According to Al Awadi, sales of NOL Cards seasonal permits have also seen a remarkable increase of 94 percent in comparison to their figures recorded during the same period last year.

Al Awadi said that these figures clearly depict that the objectives RTA has set for these initiatives are not being achieved as they have enhanced the public transportation experience and attracted more people to use local transport.