Dubai Hospital which is run by the Dubai Health Authority has announced that it will start an advanced appointment scheduling system for patients who are suffering from chronic illnesses. According to the CEO of Dubai Hospital, Dr Abdulrehman Al Jassmi, the scheduling system will enable the hospital to provide same-day appointments to chronic care patients to meet several different specialists.

Revealing the news at the monthly ‘Leaders at Your Service’ initiative, Al Jassmi said that the soon-to-be launched appointment scheduling system will make it quite easy for patients to regularly see a team of specialist doctors. This will add to the customer experience provided by the hospital.

Al Jassmi stressed that patients must make a serious effort to reach the hospital at least ten minutes before their scheduled time and they should reaffirm the time and date of their follow-up appointment before leaving the facility in order to avoid rescheduling later on. He also said that patients should regularly update their contact details, in case of a change, else it won’t be possible for the hospital staff to contact them, when required.

Besides addressing the audience at the two-hour long ‘Leaders at Your Service’ initiative, Al Jassmi also listened to feedback and suggestions from customers.

The Director of Customer Relations Department at DHA, Shaikha Al Rahoomi said on this occasion that customers have really appreciated the Leaders at Your Service initiative, since the platform has given them the opportunity to communicate directly with the top health leaders and share their suggestions or complaints.