The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has launched new packages to accommodate customers wanting to subscribe on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. The new packages will come into effect on 11th November 2014, along with the operation of Dubai Tram. The new packages not only offer customer convenience, but also offer discounts of up to 47% on Dubai Metro, Dubai Tram and public buses fares. The RTA has also expanded the category benefiting from the 50% discount on fares to include, students, senior citizens and beneficiaries of social security.

Executive Director of the RTA, H.E. Mattar Al Tayer, in an official statement explained how the new packages have been launched after extensive field survey and these packages recognize the changing needs of mass transit users. He further said that RTA has launched a variety of packages, hoping to serve a wide spectrum of users who use mass transit. The new packages are an ideal option for regular users of mass transit, since longer subscription packages offer discounts and commuters will be able to avoid the hassle of ticketing every time they ride. Businesses offering compensation for public transport expenses could also benefit from the yearly packages.

The new packages divide the subscription into three distinct categories. The first one gives access to one zone, the second grants access to travel between two different zones, while the third enables commuters assess to travel between all zones of the Emirate. The discounts offered on various packages rise with the duration of the subscription and the number of zones covered. The daily fare for annual subscribers comes down to 7.3 dirham, while 3.65 dirham for students, seniors and social benefit receivers to move around all zones. For movement between one zone, the fare comes down to 2.9 dirham for the annual subscriber and 1.45 dirham for students, seniors and social benefit receivers.

RTA lets users obtain the new packages through multiple channels and the process has been simplified in order to facilitate the subscribers and provide better customer experience. There are various types of NOL cards: Blue, Gold, Silver or Red Ticket. Once the card has been issued, users are required to select their applicable category from students, seniors, disabled or ordinary users, after which subscription time period is selected which is either weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. The next step involves selecting the level, which represent the travel zones. Once all these details have been entered into the system, the operator will process the subscription after charges have been paid. The subscription will be activated within 5 days from the date of purchase.