The exclusive distributor of Toyota and Lexus in Bahrain, Ebrahim K. Kanoo has introduced T-Connect, which offers an interactive way for customers to get directions and other forms of assistance during their commute. T-Connect is a fascinating application, available on all mobile platforms.

The T-Connect telematics services enable users to access navigational information and off-road tracking. The next-generation navigation service offers comfort and convenience to all Toyota customers through its smartphone app.

T-Connect services also include bilingual operator service in Arabic and English, enabling customers to interact with customer service team to get information. Users can seek help regarding locating restaurants, shopping malls and other leisure destinations.

These services work round the clock, all year round, regardless of location. The navigational feature provides turn by turn directions to the users illustrated through 5 color-coordinated optional routes. The routes take into account shortest distance, best route, main road and alternative routes, while displaying options for the commute.

T-Connect launch is a step in the right direction towards providing customers with new, innovative technologies and meeting their demands.

Mr. Ayman Shehadeh Marketing Manager for Toyota and Lexus at Ebrahim K. Kanoo reaffirmed Toyota’s commitment to offer latest innovations in technology to its customers and improving the driving experience with its interactive telematics services. The T-Connect Services comes with a unique feature, with trusted navigational off-road tracking for outdoors. The service lets users trace their path, which can be later retraced to make the return journey with convenience. Spot search option highlights popular landmarks in the city and other important destinations. The service allows users to store favorite and frequently visited places through ‘My Spot Service’.

In addition to the personalized services, T-Connect offers inbox option, which is a user’s mailbox enabling personal correspondence from Toyota regarding latest offers, updates and news.