Emirates Identity Authority to launch a customer service robot, known as ‘Hamad’.

After the tremendous success of the virtual assistant “Hamad”, which answered nearly 10,000 questions daily on the website, the Authority has decided to bring Hamad in physical form with plans to deploy the new robotic customer service across UAE before the end of this year.

In a statement issued by Emirates ID, various features of Hamad were revealed, including proficiency in three languages, ability to handle queries regarding ID card status and track ID applications. In addition to the above, Hamad can interact with customers in order to help them renew ID cards, accept payments and send confirmation for receipts.

In order to enhance customer service experience, the process of self-service and automation has been integrated with an interactive tool, which provides the missing human touch. Hamad is capable of understanding, interacting and speaking with the customers in multiple languages. It can sense when the customers approach it and greets them.

Hamad is equipped to handle multiple tasks like providing status of ID card, ID card application, locating and directing the customers to different service centers.

Emirates ID Services are widely available across UAE through different channels. The introduction of ‘Hamad’ adds to the customer service experience, since the innovative medium is likely to appeal to customers.

The humanoid robot provides a near-human experience rather than monotonous processing of requests. Emirates ID has the honor of being the first government entity to embrace robotic customer service for its customers.

Emirates ID plans other initiatives along with ‘Robot Hamad’ in order to improve the customer experience with an aim to elevate it to the 7-star ranking, hence meeting the requirements for the Emirates Excellence Programme through innovative and creative projects, that could bring efficiency and effectiveness.

Emirates ID plans to transform all its service centers into ‘smart centers’ in the next 5 years, by minimizing human roles in operations and services.

‘Robot Hamad’ will be deployed in various sizes and further improvements are being added, like ability to move and acquire more skills and knowledge in order to provide premium customer services.