Two flights to Islamabad, and four flights each to Tehran and Muscat, will be added to Qatar Airways flight schedule, to meet demand and improve customer service.

Qatar Airways has publicized that it has expanded the number of flights to Islamabad, Muscat, Tehran and Doha, catering to increasing demands. Qatar Airways, will be adding four flights to Tehran and Muscat, individually, by the 1st of September and 16th of September, respectively.

The airline, will also be increasing its flights, by adding two more flights on the Islamabad route, which will begin on September 3rd.

There will also be an increase in flights to Iran, with up to 18 flights per week, as compared to 14 flights previously. The gulf carrier will be providing customers a route to fly into the capital of Iran.

Qatar Airways, will also be flying to Islamabad, with nine flights per week. Previously there were seven flights to this destination per week, which began last year. The route from Doha- Muscat which had 31 weekly flights has gone up to 35 per week. The increase in flights is to meet high level of customer demand.

Akbar Al Baker, group chief executive officer, Qatar Airways, spoke about, the increase in customers demand for both local and international flights, to all the above cities. He highlighted that passengers travelling from these routes can look forward to enhanced customer experience.