The ‘Etisalat Education Technology Centre’ will be used to focus on research and development and experimental educational tools.

To promote smart education in the country, and to provide the highest level of modern education that is up-to-date in curricula, technology and environment, UAE Ministry of Education has recently launched a technology hub centre for its citizens. The centre with its state-of-the-art equipment, best infrastructure, and facilities and services, surely enables the provision of high levels of customer service and value added experience for educators.

Besides providing a large number of demonstration units and smart educational tools like touch screens, the technology centre is also equipped with video conferencing capability enabling up to 60 people to participate in a live session, along with best teaching methodologies and expertise. The educational hub is in line with the government smart customer service initiative towards the implementation of digital schools and innovative learning.

According to Etisalat’s CEO, Mr. Saleh Al Abdooli:

‘Our role is to utilize the best technology available in the world to provide the best to our people and especially the student community.’