The start of 2014 has proved to be a happy time for 391 Emirati families who have been granted new homes in Abu Dhabi’s Al Falah area, as part of a comprehensive residential project being implemented under the directives of the president.

The capital’s comprehensive residential project provides a supreme level of customer service excellence, in the form of new architecture style villas, mosques, schools, and other amenities, keeping in consideration the level of needs of deserving beneficiaries. Dozens of eligible beneficiaries including widows, divorced, disabled and special needs people, orphans, and senior Emirati citizens had received the keys of their new homes.

Under the President’s residential scheme, an estimated 3,326 beneficiaries had already received their house keys, while the fourth phase to facilitate efficient distribution and provision of the enhanced customer service operations is in process. For citizen’s convenience, 20 counters have been specifically designated at the municipality, and free parking spaces have been reserved for beneficiaries outside the building.

The municipality has also deployed mobile units that can facilitate the handing over of required documents to disabled beneficiaries at their homes. Furthermore, the recipients getting water and electricity connections for their new homes would be entertained in less than half an hour.

Saadia Muharram, an Emirati homemaker in her 60s, told Gulf News:

‘I have been on welfare since I got divorced nearly two decades ago, and have been living with my parents and two children. Receiving a house such as this is one of the biggest gifts I can expect as an old lady, and I am immensely grateful to our leadership for this initiative.’