‘MyAccount’ services revamped to enhance service experience for business customers in Oman.

In an attempt to create a better experience for business customers, Ooredoo has upgraded its ‘MyAccount’ self-service. The revamped portal comes with several new and enhanced features, offering customers more control. The new portal offers flexibility and empowers customers to control their plan according to their wishes in a convenient manner. Moreover, the portal allows real-time transactions and access to vital information which could be valuable for business customers. Customers can alter the service portal to meet their unique needs. Business customers can also benefit from the transparency and detailed information which will help them manage their plans better and control costs.

Said Al Shanfari, Director of Business Marketing at Ooredoo, said that the new revamped version allows unprecedented control to customers over their accounts. He further added that the portal offers convenience as customers no longer need to wait for representatives to assist them. This streamlines the whole process and allows business customers to focus on other important tasks.

The real-time nature of the transactions would speed up the processes and save time, thus improving customer service experience.

MyAccount will enable customers to monitor and manage their account, in addition to several other value-added services such as top up Mousbak groups, credit limit management, Plan management, ability to retrieve lost PUK numbers and report lost SIM cards. MyAccount also allows customers to access detailed bills. Customers can also sign up for bill analyzer service and generate billing data which is exportable to Microsoft Excel for easier access. My Account has been revamped as a response to customer feedback.