Emirates Identity Authority has announced that it will be adding five more languages – Malayalam, Urdu, Tagalog, Russian and Mandarin for giving out all procedural information on the authority’s website. Previously, the website offered its services only in Arabic and English to customers. The addition of new languages will add to the convenience and improve accessibility for residents in the country.

Abdulaziz Al Maamari, Director of Government and Social Communication at the Emirates ID said that the new languages have been introduced as a response to popular demand by the residents which were determined by surveys and studies conducted by the organization. He explained how visitors’ activities and queries were analyzed which helped Emirates ID recognize the need for more languages on the website. He pointed out that nine millions people speaking more than ten languages from inside and outside the UAE visited the website in 2014. He further elaborated the benefits of new the languages which include enabling customers to retrieve vital information and procedures for registration in their own language. These services include registration, issuance of new ID cards, renewals, replacement and information about necessary documents.

Abdulaziz Al Maamari further added that, “We are introducing the new languages also as part of our corporate governance framework which focusses on creativity and innovation in all aspects of organizational work.”

The new service will be hugely beneficial to thousands of people who are not proficient in Arabic and English, hence the new service will serve an important segment of the public enhancing the customer experience. Emirates ID is currently offering 14 channels of communication to its customers.