The Roads and Transport Authority has recorded an increase in the total number of transactions processed for customers in 2014. Customer wait time also reduced.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) revealed that its customer service centers processed 640,386 transactions last year which include licensing transactions of various types, NOCs, parking services and commercial licensing transactions.

Ahmed Mahboob, Director of Customers Service Centers, Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector at the RTA, said that the latest figures reflect that the number of transactions processed between 2013 and 2014 have increased from 593,156 transactions processed in 2013 to 640,386 transactions processed in 2014. Requests processed for parking services increased from 20,033 to 27,736.

Ahmed Mahboob highlighted the improvement in performance indicators which stand at 95% of their targets in 2014. RTA has managed to reduce the average waiting time for customers to 9 minutes at customer service centers. Meanwhile, the average service processing has been reduced to 3 minutes. The figures represent improvement in customer service delivery. He said that the organization aims to offer services in an efficient manner so that it saves time for consumers.

In order to add to customer convenience, RTA is providing customers with the choice of conducting transactions through several different channels which include smart apps, website, self-service kiosks, call center, and the customers’ service centers.

Ahmed Mahboob further added that the organization believes in enhancing its performance to deliver high quality customer service experience at service centers. It aims to achieve excellence through empowering front-end employees. The ultimate goal is to raise customer satisfaction levels.

It is to be noted that RTA’s Licensing Agency recently received the Dubai Quality Award 2015, being recognized for its quality services.