Motorists can now pay for parking tickets using Nol e-purse and bank cards through the new smart phone app in UAE.

The UAE Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is working on the launch of a smartphone app which will let customers pay through using the Nol e-purse or credit/debit cards. In order to use the new smart phone app motorists need to download the app, and register their vehicle number and provide information of payment choices they are using to pay.

The mParking payment system which was previously used the SMS service was not running smoothly, often dealing with technical problems. At the moment the mParking system uses the telecom service, to send a message for payment of parking tickets.

We are working on a new app that will be available in a couple of months on all smartphones. The app will allow payment of parking fees through the Nol e-purse or credit/debit cards, independent of the telecom networks, but we will continue the existing system as well,” Adel Al Marzouqi, Director of Parking at the RTA’s Traffic and Roads Agency, said.

Customers using the mParking system have complained about the system not failing every now and then, causing the motorists to pay fines.

One upset customer complained saying, “I use mParking because it is very convenient as it allows payment of parking fees through a mobile but it is not always reliable. I have faced problems several times as the payment couldn’t be processed through SMS due to network errors, and when I rushed to the car to pay by meter I had already received a fine through no fault of mine.