United Projects for Aviation Services Company has unveiled the new parking system at the airport car park. The new system at Kuwait International Airport is set to streamline the parking process through automated ticketing and processing. This system will provide customers with faster and improved parking services.

The parking system includes automated pre-pay systems and license plate recognition technology, hence making the whole process automated. This will not only ensure hassle-free travel but also swift and prompt parking for customers. Subscription option has also been introduced, which will let frequent travelers opt out of paying every time they enter and exit the parking space.

This parking system is currently being used at all major international airports, including Dubai, London Heathrow and Munich. As the new parking system is being introduced to Kuwait International Airport, it promises operational efficiency in terms of faster processing, ticketing and convenience for customers. The new system aims to remove bottlenecks, which will help eliminate holdups during peak hours. The transition to the new system is currently underway with work on six entrance and seven exit units completed. UPAC plans to complete installation on all parking gates by January 2015.

Nadia Akil, CEO of UPAC highlighted the importance of enhancing customer experience at the airports. She said that the new system is designed to save visitors’ time and ease traffic flow. She also said that during the transition period, users are requested to be patient until the system becomes fully operational.