EU and UAE will be signing an agreement in the nearby future on the Schengen Visa Waiver for nationals of UAE.

The decision by the European Union to permit UAE nationals to travel to Schengen countries without the need of visa is foreseen to take place in the following months. It has been almost a year’s time since the European parliament voted in approval of waiving the Schengen visa needs for Emiratis.

Carlo De Filippi, Ambassador of the European Union at UAE said the internal process between the EU countries for the waiving of the visa is looking to be completed by the end of March. Once the final agreements have been signed between EU and UAE, the date for the waiver will be provided.

UAE will be the first among the Arab countries to have such a privilege.

Nationals travelling to the Schengen countries will benefit greatly from this service, as they will not have to worry getting a visa for their travel as well as all the paper work and effort that goes into applying for one. The news of the Schengen Visa being waived was announced on March 22, 2014, with the update that EU will permit UAE nationals to visit 13 countries without a visa.