Customer Charter developed under specialized committee to enhance customer service experience.

Customer Charter which has been adopted by Banks Federation in UAE outlines details of customer responsibilities which will ensure secure and efficient customer service by the banks. The Customer Charter also called for a streamlined complaint handling system to make sure that customers’ voice is heard so that flaws in service delivery are fixed. Additionally, the charter underscores the importance of appropriately dealing with clients who find themselves in financial difficulties.

The specialized committee, which is a professional representative body representing 50 members, under UAE Banks Federation has been working hard to form the Charter. Work by the federation on making a voluntary guideline for customer rights and responsibilities began in September 2013, when it publicized the UAE Banks Federation Code of Conduct in September 2013.

It also covers the importance of banks to handle customer complaints diligently and protect customer data. It goes on to expect customers to facilitate the banks with all the required details and information, such as information about their identity and financial situation, as well as ensuring security of their account numbers, PIN and other access codes.

Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair, Chairman of the UAE Banks Federation, said that the customer charter will enable all member banks to set high ethical standards, since their customers will have full confidence in their respective banks. He further added that the charter provides a sum of guidelines in one place for all banks to follow. The charter also outlines what is expected of the customers to ensure smooth delivery of services including clear communication with the bank regarding their needs and especially when it comes to their personal banking details.