Khaleeji Commercial Bank (KHCB), a leading bank in Bahrain has announced the launch of its new Personal Finance Campaign for customers. As a value adding facility, all customers who apply for KHCB’s Personal Finance, while the campaign is running will be awarded Gulf Air Air-miles equivalent to the amount of finance in an unprecedented promotion.

Air-miles will be given for financing amounts that start at a minimum of BD 5,000 and above for new customers. On the other hand, existing customers will need financing of BD 5,000 in order to get the same number of miles. KHCB’s Personal Financing solution is a complete Shari’ah compliant financing scheme which offers substantial profits up to BD 200,000 and is approved within 24 hours. Additionally, customers are given a grace period of 120 days to pay their dues.

In order to qualify for KHCB’s Personal Finance a minimum salary of BD 300 for employees is required. Self-employed individuals can also apply for KHCB’s Personal Finance by agreeing to their terms and conditions.

Mr. Khalil Al Meer, Chief Executive Officer of KHCB in a statement said that 2014 has been a very successful year, and the bank has grown tremendously in this time period. He also said that the New Year has been marked with new and innovative products and services. He highlighted the launch of Personal Finance Campaign and the reward program. Moreover, he expressed confidence in the partnership with Gulf Air. He said that the bank’s customers will benefit from air-miles as they would be able to redeem free air tickets and save money when they travel in the summers. The air-miles can also be used for other various purposes such as upgrades on air tickets, free excess baggage, Airport lounge access, First and Business class check-in, Priority in waiting lists and special baggage identification tags.