Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) has introduced long fueling hoses with retractors on 16 of its high traffic service stations in Dubai which would significantly add to customer convenience. The idea behind this is to reduce the waiting time of the customers at the fuelling stations. Motorists will now be able to get their vehicles fuelled from either sides of the pump.

Managing Director of ENOC Retail Mr. Burhan Al Hashemi was of the view that the new initiative will help the company further raise the bar for customer services standards. Besides adding 16 long hoses the company will be adding 16 more hoses to service stations in September. These long hoses will be particularly used to refuel high-in-demand special petrol. Customers will easily be able to fuel their vehicles with efficiency and speed with the longer hoses.

The company says that while installing these long hoses, adherence to all safety standards was ensured. Recently the ViP Fuel Management System was introduced by ENOC which provides automated operations to registered users. The system automatically recognizes the vehicle fuelled and accordingly deducts the amount from the registered user’s account, making it more convenient to utilize self-services. ENOC has been at the forefront of promoting sustainable initiatives and take measures which help it accomplish operational efficiencies.

In the past, there have been several other initiatives launched by ENOC  to enhance the level of customer service provided including introduction of Self-Service after midnight, addition of three new stores, and a new app to improve customer satisfaction.