Drivers will now need to qualify through a specific test to become eligible for a light bus driving license.

This new testing mechanism was an initiation by The Drivers Training and Qualification Department of the RTA to ensure public traffic safety for people across Dubai. This effort will make drivers go through proper training sessions which will teach them the rules and regulations of driving a light bus.

The sessions will consist of 8 mandatory theoretical classes, a knowledge test of 35 theoretical questions and finally a road test that will be administered by the Roads and Transport Authority(RTA) specialists.

“This will be done in cooperation with driving centres in Dubai, which are keen on providing dedicated tracks for training on driving light buses and conducting various maneuvers on par with world-class standards,” said Hussain Al Saffar, Director of RTA Drivers Training and Qualification.

“We have therefore opted to set out a variety of requirements for licensing light bus drivers which include, over and above the set age limit of 21 years, medical fitness, and passing due tests prescribed by the Licensing Agency endorsed in the training guide for obtaining driver licenses of light buses prepared by the agency,” he said.

This effort will organize the drivers of Dubai under specific categories and hence train them accordingly to ensure the safety of the passengers travelling with them or on the roads to meet customer satisfaction. The training will develop a specific outlook by the drivers and will prevent the many accidents that take place because of lack of proper training. The customers travelling the bus will also be satisfied about their travelling experience, by knowing that the drivers are fully trained and aware of all the know how’s of driving rules and regulations.

“Trainees who fail to pass the test, will have to attend an additional eight mandatory sessions,” informed Hussain Al saffar.