The innovative creation of 3D life size screen lets customers try on different outfits all through a virtual screen.

Shopaholics don’t need to worry anymore about time management at the outlets, running in and out of trial rooms to see how an outfit looks on them.

A new innovation has been introduced in the retail industry which lets customers simply pose and pout in front of the screen. The virtual style pod is built by Engage, using the software by Space 3D in partnership with Avant garde.

The pod is displayed at the Galleria on Al Maryah Island in Abu Dhabi, where customers can conveniently use a screen mirror and view clothing in 3D. The new age technology advancement lets shoppers try multiple designs, which are chosen by the stylists virtually.

Steve Blyth, Managing Director of Engage said, “It takes around 3 seconds for the Kinect camera to detect and measure up the shopper’s body.”

“There are two cameras; a Kinetic motion detection camera which tracks the body and creates a mesh of your body in real time and space and a HD camera to show your image on the screen.”

This is a great tool for customer service, since it saves customers the hassle of running between stores and trying out various designs. Customers can virtually also view items from various designers and retailers without having to go to the physical stores.

Blyth views that this is also strategically beneficial in terms of marketing, since it can be shared via social media channels and can further enhance the customer experience by recording their favorite designs and choices.