Etisalat set to become first ever operator in MENA region to test and commercially launch Single Carrier 400Gbps technology.

Etisalat, one of the most popular telecom operator’s in the region has continually thrived to introduce innovative products and services aimed to enhance customer experience. The telecom giant’s new initiative, for which it has partnered with Huawei, aims to develop a Single Carrier 400 Gbps Technology. The latest initiative will meet the ever-increasing service demands from consumers and businesses throughout the region.

These cutting-edge solutions will enable Etisalat to unify its transmission networks, which will make its operations more efficient as it promises lower power consumption. Additionally, unified transmission will streamline management and scheduling protocols, hence improving the overall technology and management infrastructure. The company also plans to roll out Single Carrier 400Gbps technology to consumers across-the-board in the region.

Hatem Bamatraf, Chief Technology Officer at Etisalat Group highlighted the importance of innovation in making the telecommunications industry more efficient. He said the company actively explores various technologies which might help improve Etisalat’s capabilities. The company aims to provide premium customer service experience, along with ensuring rapid business growth. Hatem Bamatraf expressed optimism about the new Single Carrier 400Gbps technology, saying Etisalat will be able to meet the growing demands for its services after implementation of the new technology.

Alan Wang, President of Huawei Etisalat Global Key Account in a statement said that Huawei partnership with Etisalat will prove fruitful for both companies and it will not only benefit both companies, but the customer experience will witness drastic improvement.

The two companies signed A Memorandum of Understanding at the Mobile World Congress. The two companies have strengthened their partnership over the years. Etisalat and Huawei also announced plans to work on the joint exploration and deployment of 5G mobile broadband services.