Etisalat adopts Ericsson’s sustainable solutions for delivering an enhanced customer broadband experience.

In an effort to expand Etisalat’s Radio Access Network (RAN) in Dubai and Al Ain, Etisalat and Ericsson have agreed to collaborate in adopting sustainable solutions. The two major tech companies are set to sign a formal agreement, which is likely to bring substantial improvements in customer service standards through enhanced connectivity to Etisalat’s customers. Etisalat envisions itself as the leading telecommunication in regard to government’s plans for smart city and other Expo 2020 initiatives, and the company partnership with Ericsson is step in the right direction.

Ericsson, being one of the leading companies in telecommunication industry, can help Etisalat dispose its swapped network equipment in the most efficient and eco-friendly manner, since the company specializes in ecology management services. Etisalat is also likely to benefit from Ericsson experience in following EU Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) stringent directives.

Etisalat is set to partner with Ericsson’s Ecology Management Program’s free Take-Back of decommissioned equipment, which aims to ensure that all Ericsson’s products have the least possible adverse effect on the environment. 95 percent of the equipment is recover through this program, while only 5 percent ends up in the landfills after recycling.

Etisalat and Ericsson signed a memorandum of the understanding on the first day of Gitex Technology Week in Dubai, which marked the beginning of a strategic partnership between the two companies to collaborate in the future and work towards developing advanced, environmental-friendly technologies.

Saeed Al Zarouni, Senior Vice President – Business Planning and Technology Evolution, Etisalat stressed the important role Etisalat has in driving the technological change and helping the government achieve the SMART objectives. He further added the purpose of developing an intelligent approach which is to create a smart and sustainable infrastructure. On the recent announced about the agreement between the two companies he said that the collaboration will help Etisalat provide best possible broadband experience to its customers, along with initiating a culture of environmental sustainability and promotion of smart public services.

Lars Linden, Executive Vice President for Global Customer Unit Etisalat at Ericsson commenting on the recent partnership highlighted two important goals the two companies are set out to archive: reliable connectivity and sustainability of network. The former will result in improved customer experience.