The contract between the companies allows Amadeus travel agents to pre-reserve extra legroom seats for the customers of Etihad Airlines.

Amadeus, a technology partner for the global travel industry has publicized, that Etihad Airways of United Arab Emirates will be the first airline from the region to use Amadeus Airline Ancillary Services (AAAS), which will permit travel agencies using the Amadeus system to be able to book the airline’s high demand seats with extra legroom for their customers.

This plan lets travel agents to propose to their customers’ products which are available directly from Etihad Airways. This results in an improved customer service for the passengers, who find it difficult to get such deals in the otherwise competitive environment.

Antoine Medawar, Vice President, Middle East and North Africa, Amadeus, highlighted that the company sees the offer of Amadeus solution as being a successful step, and that the option to pre- reserve seats with Extra Legroom at the point of booking flights, enhances the customer experience. With this, the airline and travel agents will be able to give their customers a value added service, which will result in higher profit generation.

Etihad Airways has taken upon an agreement with Amadeus to use Amadeus Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD), which assist agents to grant documents for the travel oriented services. Agents can easily see the customers’ travel preferences in one go.

“EMD has multiple benefits – in addition to helping the airline merchandise its optional services, it allows travel agents to offer a number of additional travel services and easily manage their customers’ needs, thereby reinforcing their role as consultants to customers. Further, EMD helps to generate additional revenue by making the booking process more efficient and straightforward,” added Medawar.