ZOOM convenience store of ENOC retailers is providing 60 customers a shot at winning a year of free metro travel through a raffle contest.

ENOC retailers are offering a chance to the customers of its ZOOM convenience store an opportunity to win a daily prize of free travelling on the Dubai Metro for one year. The campaign which is to begin until May 31, 2014, has started honoring customers already and has given prizes to 10 customers already.

The first ten winners are: Andy Juatco, Paul Celis, Edwin Ergina, Henry Reyes, Vergel Yamson, Nomar Pavon and Chuchie Mobo (Philippines), Shannel Gray (New Zealand), Shandil (India) and Ziad Bashir (Pakistan).

Users of the Dubai Metro just have to buy something worth Dh15 at the ZOOM convenience store on the metro network and they will qualify for getting the luck draw coupon. Customers spending Dh20 will be given two raffle coupons for the prize draw.

Burhan Al Hashemi, Managing Director of ENOC Retail, said: “The first campaign offering lucky customers free usage of Dubai Metro for a year was very well-received by our customers. We are now re-introducing the campaign to further strengthen awareness of ZOOM stores on Dubai Metro as well as to increase the usage of this public transport mode that is sustainable and cost-effective”

A previous promotion which was similar carried out in 2012, reaped positive results as per a consumer survey. The survey stated that 95% of the respondents were impressed with the campaign and 75% said they would participate again if something similar was organized in the future.

This contest will give customers a chance to win a free one year travel on the Dubai Metro, which is the favored means of travel by the public, with more than 500,000 customers commuting daily.  ZOOM convenience store is known for providing customers with convenient and quick service, aiming towards delivering a better customer experience.