Ministry of Jeddah to improve health care standards and provide more hospital beds and facilitates.

A 1000 bed maternity and children’s hospital is to be made in Jeddah to facilitate patients and provide them with improved health care services and better customer service. The news was highlighted by Health Minister Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah who also stated the opening of King Faisal Medical Tower in Makkah before the Haj period begins.

Al- Rabeeah told the reporters at a meeting in Jaddah about opening a new 500-bed hospital in Makkah and a similar size hospital in north Jeddah. He spoke about the ministry’s focus towards improving the primary health care centers in the country and joining them with general hospitals to raise the bench mark of service and offer improved service quality.

“We have opened 79 new hospitals in various regions during the last four years,” he said

He also added that the new maternity and children’s hospital will be a part of the King Abdullah Medical Center in Jeddah. This center will improve the experience of the customers as it will be able to cater to them more efficiently and with greater attention and focus.