Emirates Airline App will make it easier for customers to book flights and manage travel details.

Emirates Airline has introduced the “Emirates App” for iPad on the worldwide App store.  The App will help travel enthusiasts to learn about the various services by Emirates and look into over 130 destinations offered by the Airline.

The App can be downloaded directly from the App store and customers can search for ‘Emirates’ to gather information and learn about the various services being offered by the Airline.

“The Emirates App was designed for today’s new tribe of global travelers — what we term ‘globalistas’ — who are curious about the world, are mobile and digitally connected, and expect simplicity at their fingertips,” said Patrick Brannelly, Emirates’ Vice President of Corporate Communications, Marketing and Brand, Product, Publishing, Digital and Events.

The App also facilitates customers to book and check their flights, choose seats and meal options, check in online and even directly download their boarding pass all through the App. Along with other options, the App also stores information such as personal flight details and service information which can be accessed without the internet as well.

Emirates is aiming to deliver exceptional customer service by providing passengers a smooth experience and the ease of managing all their flight related tasks and queries at the tap of a finger, no matter where they are.

“The Emirates App has been designed to make this process even easier, faster and significantly more convenient, and many more enhancements are already in development. We first launched the Emirates App in the UAE Apple store, our home market, a couple of weeks ago and the response has been tremendously positive. We are now working to make the App available on the iPhone and Android, and will be introducing many new features in the coming months” added Brannelly.

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